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Exposure II- A benefit photo show and sale of indigenous artisan crafts from Chiapas, Mexico

Exposure will be held Saturday, May 5th at a private residence in Studio City. The address is:

12510 Hortense St.
Studio City 91604

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Exposure II will be held Sunday, May 6th 2007 at:

Stephen Cohen Gallery
7358 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 937-5525

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About Exposure II

Exposure is a collaboration between the Oakwood Chiapas Project, and Brian Miller's experiment in "photography-for-philanthropy." Proceeds from Exposure go to The Women Of Corn In Resistance - a group of indigenous women's cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico.

The History:

Mickey and Brian first traveled to Chiapas, together in June of 2000 as part of a delegation primarily to begin the process of develop the personal trust necessary to establishing a relationship with the Women of Corn In Resistance and eventually to begin selling their work in the US. Under the guidance of Nikki Karson, the women established a federation of women’s artisan cooperatives, so their scarce resources might be shared and women working together might help each other to develop confidence and independence. But to find a fair market for their products in Chiapas was not possible: the local population was too poor, and the existing import-export options were notoriously exploitative.

Mickey Morgan organized students at Oakwood School to receive the products from Mexico and sell the products in high schools and colleges, and cultural events around the United States.

Since 2000, when Brian and Mickey first traveled to Chiapas, the Oakwood Chiapas Project has raised over $200,000 for The Women Of Corn In Resistance.

Mickey has returned to Chiapas with groups of students every summer for the past 7 years. Brian has returned to the region 2 more times.


Welcome to my experiment in harnessing a passion for photography together with help from friends and family to make social change. I need your help to make this experiment a success.

In May, 2006 I held a photo show in Los Angeles called “Exposure.” The two day event included a photography show/sale along with the sale of artisan crafts from Chiapas, Mexico. The event raised over $5,000 to benefit the Women Of Corn In Resistance artisan cooperatives of southern Mexico. It was a huge success and the beginning of my interest in using photography for social change!

In December of 2006, I expanded the experiment, holding an online photo-show to benefit the Amazon Medical Clinic. The Amazon Medical Clinic provides medical services to river communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Together, through the generous support of sponsors and people around the world ordering prints for the holidays we sent over $3,000 to the medical clinic to buy medicines, operate the clinic, and guarantee continued access to medical services in the region.

Exposure II seeks to take the experiment in Photography-for-philanthropy even further, inviting people in the Los Angeles area to come to the event, while still inviting those who can't attend the event to participate in other ways.

All online sales will benefit the Women Of Corn In Resistance. You can order prints online and have them delivered to your home.

Sponsor Exposure II

Sponsors are an integral part of making Photography-for-Philanthropy a success, and you don't need to be in Los Angeles to be a sponsor!

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsors are an essential part of the project and are helping me to reach my goal of matching 50% of all photo sales.

I am personally donating 15% of all photo sales directly to the Chiapas Project. I am inviting sponsors to match the 15% donation that I will be giving in order to leverage the maximum support for the women. Essentially, a sponsor's donation would mean that the women would receive an additional 15% of all photo sales for each participating sponsor. As a donor, this means that for every dollar that you donate to the Chiapas Project, the women are also receiving a dollar from me and from the other sponsors, so you know that your money is going a long way! Even if you agree to match only up to a certain amount ($100, $500, $1000...etc), a little bit of money goes a long way in the mountain sides of Chiapas! If you would like to sponsor the event or have any ideas for potential sponsors (foundations, companies, individuals, etc.), please contact me at brianscottmiller@gmail.com

Some sponsors have given a flat donation that will be used to match 50% of sales.

A big thank you to all of the sponsors - We appreciate your support!



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